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Donna Masing, DRM, Adv Dip Bus, ART full body provider accredited

The Clinical Director of GPT, Donna opened the clinic in 2015 from the Surfing Australia High Performance Centre, where she was predominately working with elite surfers. After 3 years of growth, it was time to expand the clinic and she moved operations to Kingscliff in 2018.


Part of the expansion was adding Hyperbaric Oxygen therapy to the clinic’s offerings. After suffering a traumatic brain injury herself, Donna began HBOT as treatment for her post concussion syndrome in California. After feeling the benefits, she invested into the first chamber on the Tweed Coast.


In 2019 Donna was awarded Outstanding Business Leader for the Northern Rivers Region from the NSW Business Chamber, and then went on to be a State Finalist for the same category.  She followed up that honour by taking out the same award in 2021.  Donna now also works as a presenter and key-note speaker on the topics of health communication, business resilience and the importance of believing in oneself.


Donna enjoys continuing to work with Australia’s top surfers while also offering her unique sports therapy approach to the general public. This includes a targeted soft tissue approach with mobility and strengthening exercises.  She has also aligned herself with The Surf Pentagon and is a Master Coach, delivering course information on the biomechanics of duckdiving and paddling, while also educating on the prevention of chronic injuries.  You can find out more on The Surf Pentagon Courses here

In addition to her clinical offerings, Donna also works as an NDIS support worker.  Please get in touch with us via email if you would like more information regarding NDIS supports.


An avid waterwoman herself, Donna enjoys time in the ocean going surfing, freediving and stand up paddle boarding.

Olivia Westbrook, DRM

My journey of massage began in 2013, where I studied and obtained many styles of massage qualifications. These include: Remedial Therapy, Sports Diploma Therapy, Myofascial Release, Triggerpoint therapy, Pregnancy, Dry Needling and Cupping. I’m extremely passionate and driven in this line of work and ensuring that people are well cared for and are able to return to 100%.

I’m particularly interested in pain management and the different mechanisms and compromises that the human body enacts to deal with the discomfort. Every person deals with pain in a unique way and through my work, I aim to discover and educate new wellbeing techniques to encourage holistic health.

I look forward to aiding you in your rehabilitation journey.

Mark Baker, DRM

Please note: Mark is currently travelling abroad. Please see one of our other staff members for your remedial massage for now.

Mark is a bodyworker, adventurer-lover and world traveler with a passion for health. Having previously trained and worked extensively as both a Geologist and Environmental Chemist, Mark quit a high profile role corporate role to pursue an evolving passion for health and well-being.


Having worked throughout Australia, Africa, Europe and travelled/studied extensively throughout Europe, Asia, Latin and South America, Mark formally retrained in Remedial Massage.


With a passion for learning and sciences since childhood, Marks’ style of work has a strong foundation in functional anatomy – with the aim to restore your body to its natural state of alignment, free of pain and dysfunction.


His work has a strong focus on soft tissue release techniques including Myofascial Release and Dry Needling to assist the body in creating sustainable strategies for long term health, emotional and physical well-being and optimal body function.

Gino Lo Pilato, Osteopath

Check back soon for Gino’s bio!