Remedial and Sports Massage

We’ve been offering Sports and Remedial Massage to the Kingscliff and Tweed Region since 2015.  Our team pride ourselves on offering the Gold Standard of soft tissue care, including the treatment of sports injuries, lymphatic drainage, oncology massage and treatment of pregnancy complaints.

Read on to learn more about the different types of massage available at Global Performance Therapy.


Remedial Massage is used for the treatment of muscular stiffness, tightness or injury. It can be utilised for improving posture, helping to reduce inflammation or to aid someone going through life changes like pregnancy or cancer treatment. There are proven psychological benefits to massage, too. It increases parasympathetic activity (the “rest and digest” part of our nervous system), decreases cortisol levels (a stress hormone) and it even can alter EEG activity (our brainwaves!). Not to mention, it feels amazing.

All our therapists have been specially trained and are accredited by Australia’s leading natural health bodies. Being fully accredited means you can claim back from your health fund, and trust knowing you are in good hands, literally!

Sports Therapy is the combination of deep tissue techniques utilised for sports performance, recovering from injury or injury prevention, and mobility exercises designed to build strength and improve flexibility.

Whether you are a professional athlete or a weekend warrior, Global Performance Therapy has a registered and experienced therapist for you.

Lymphatic Drainage

Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD) is a specific massage technique and a multi-dimensional discipline that helps to ensure our body’s ability to rejuvenate and establish resistance to stress. It encourages the natural circulation of lymph through the body.

Not a muscular massage but a harmonious manual treatment using mild mechanical stretching of the connective tissue to facilitate decongestion of lymph ducts.

MLD allows regenerative fluid to flow and improves circulation and toxin removal as well as carrying vital substances to areas where it is needed, thus speeding healing times and improving tissue health.

MLD can be integrated into any treatment and makes other modalities far more beneficial due to the reduced muscle tonus, and fluid removal from
compromised areas.

Pathologies that may benefit from MLD:

Fluid retention, lymphoedema, sinusitis, hay fever, pain relief, IBS and fibromyalgia, post-surgery, post sporting, carpal tunnel syndrome, golfers and tennis elbow, bruising, migraines, arthritis and oedema.

The Clinical Director of GPT opened the clinic in 2015 from the Surfing Australia High-Performance Centre in Casuarina. GPT has now expanded and is located on Pearl St in Kingscliff.

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