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Can you get massage during lockdown or under your current restrictions? Get the most up to date info here.
Last updated August 16 2021 at 11:30am

With the ever-changing restrictions, there is often confusion as to whether you can book in for remedial massage during a lockdown. Here is our page dedicated to keeping you up to date with the latest covid restrictions related to massage therapy services.

Since the early days of restrictions, remedial massage has been classified as an essential Allied Health service. As long as the therapist holds a minimum qualification of Diploma of Remedial Massage, you can have massage during lockdown as an essential health service.

That being said, we recommend postponing non-essential treatments (ie. relaxation/non-essential) until after any lockdown restrictions have been lifted. If you have an acute injury, ongoing condition or chronic pain, you can book in for a remedial massage. We also consider your mental health and wellbeing a valid reason to seek treatment. 

Frequently Asked Questions

The following answers are both our interpretation of the current restrictions regarding massage therapy, as well as the most recent advice from our governing industry bodies. If you are unsure of your current circumstance, we recommend calling your State Covid Hotline. (Queensland 13 42 68,  NSW 137 788)

While the government website can be confusing regarding the radius in which you are allowed to leave for essential reasons, it is our understanding that new and existing clients of the clinic can book in during lockdown even if we are outside of your radius.

Please keep your proof of appointment SMS or email, and we can provide you with a digital invoice or any other documents you may need.


When a stay at home order is not in place for the LGA where you live, you are unrestricted and can attend appointments irrespective if they are essential or not. 

Update 13th September 2021

The bubble is back, which means we can once again see patients from across the border!  Please fill in any required border passes as suggested by the NSW and QLD Government websites (links below).  Please check your vaccine requirements before traveling across the border, on the Government Website from your State.

Update 17th August 2021

Unfortunately our Queensland patients are not currently permitted to visit us, however we welcome a change to this border direction soon. 



Update 15th August 2021

The directive currently states (Border Restrictions Direction No. 35) that you should not leave your state to seek services which cannot reasonably be obtained within Queensland, we encourage you to book in at your own discretion regarding this advice.

Please keep your proof of appointment SMS or email, and we can provide you with a digital invoice and any other documents you may need.

If you live in Queensland and will be attending a massage appointment, you will need the following before crossing the border:

-Queensland Border Pass for Border Zone Residents
-NSW Entry Declaration

The most up to date government information can be found here (NSW) and here (QLD) .

We are a clinic dedicated to remedial massage as well as hyperbaric oxygen therapy. All of our therapists hold a minimum qualification of Diploma of Remedial Massage, with many having done additional courses to expand their specialist skill sets.

“Massage Parlours” and “Beauty Massage” are classified by the government website as non-essential, as there are no regulations or minimum qualification for who can provide these services. They are also not considered health services.

If you are seeking treatment at Global Performance Therapy in Kingscliff, it is because our qualified therapists can provide you with a calibre of specialist care that is hard to find elsewhere. 

You can see our therapist’s qualifications here

Steps we have taken to ensure your safety within the clinic, aligning with our Covid Safety Plan:
  • All staff, clients and visitors to the clinic must sign in with the NSW QR code
  • Masks must be worn at all times by both staff and clients
  • Temperature checks upon entering the clinic
  • Hand sanitiser is provided
  • Common surfaces are regularly sanitised
  • Maximum 3 people (including staff) allowed in the waiting room
  • Zero tolerance for any cold or flu symptoms
As always, we continue to uphold our standard clinic practices which include:
  • Washing our hands and arms after every client
  • Changing linens after every client
  • Contactless payment and digital receipts


We continue to monitor any changes to restrictions regarding massage services through the government websites, and also follow the advice of our governing industry bodies, ATMS and MMA.

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