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The Best Massage In Kingscliff!

The best massage in Kingscliff would be deserving of a shiny new set of photos, one would think! So the team called in BlackBox Media for the job last month.

Setting up the massage room as a photo studio, the GPT team all got together for the first time for the fun photos. Trillian and Amanda have been enjoying their maternity leave, so haven’t had the opportunity to see the clinic in some time. They also got to meet the newest Global Performance Therapy recruit, Caio.

The results of the photoshoot are a great set of headshots for the massage therapists and a team shot of the new and improved GPT Kingscliff Massage Team!

There were a couple of jealous attendees though, who needed their time in the spotlight as well. Who were we to deny these photogenic little ladies their own opportunity to shine?

Amanda and Trillian pose with their gorgeous daughters. We wonder if Donna will follow suit and have a baby girl, too? We’re taking bets now!