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Brand Ambassador News, September 2016

Donna Masing is honoured to have been selected as an ambassador for the Australian health and wellness app, GreenX7.{}

A platform on which users can rate their standing across 8 facets of good health, called the True North cards (nutrition, sleep, relationships, physical Health, purpose, mental health, fun, friendships) to help pick up on areas that could use some improvement. By using suggestions from the X7 core elements (movement, breath, universal, connection, time, earthing, environment) the bottom rated True North cards can be given a boost.

On being chosen to represent the company, Donna says “I’m really excited to be an ambassador for GreenX7 and can’t wait for this app to launch, it’s going to change the way people look at their own health and how they can improve on areas which sometimes miss out on attention.”

You can learn more about GreenX and the app by visiting their website