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The Surf Pentagon Course and the top 3 reasons why you need to sign up!

how to train surfers

Recently, our Clinic Director Donna was involved with developing and delivering an exciting new course for surf coaches.  The online learning community is called The Surf Pentagon and their course is named the SFS, or Surf Foundation Specialist.

Here’s why Donna thinks you should sign up today!

  1. The course is entirely evidence-based.  By doing the SFS course you’ll become familiar with the latest in surf-centered research and what that means for training in the real world – specifically you’ll learn how to train surfers!  Learn who the big names in Surf research are, like Dr. Oliver Farley, Dr. Josh Secomb and Dr. Jeremy Sheppard (some of Donna’s old Surfing Australia Colleagues, mind you!)
  2. You’ll learn how to write a strength program.  Have you ever wondered why professional athletes adopt different training protocols, based on their competitive schedule?  Or thought about the importance of the order in which you prescribe your exercises?  Have you asked yourself, “Should I be allowing my athletes rest between exercises, and does that rest have anything to do with the intensity of exercise?” These topics are covered, plus much more in chapters 6 and 7 of the program, Resistance Training and Energy System Development.
  3. You’ll become part of a growing community of like-minded individuals, with a passion for exercise but a love of surfing.  You’ll get the opportunity to converse with industry leaders and expand your practice by becoming certified in surf training.  Got a burning question about breathwork?  Ask the forum community!  Get the best, most accurate answers and take advantage of the ongoing learning opportunities that The Surf Pentagon provides.

Visit the website to learn more today!