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4 Reasons To Use The Oils That We Do – Massage and Skincare?

As a massage therapist, I am often asked what type of oil or lotion I use during treatments. This is an important consideration for a therapist, as your daily exposure to that type of lotion goes far above what any one client receives! So we really put an emphasis on using natural and organic products that are free of parabens, SLS, sulphates and alcohol because if you wouldn’t put it on your toast, why put it on your skin? Reason number one: we use lotions and oils that are kind to your skin!

The main type of lotion that I use is a water based, fragrance free and hypoallergenic massage “grip n glide” lotion. It’s wonderful for helping me track along muscles without slipping on the skin, but also making it comfortable for our clients. I often add in the Tropicology Body Oil for an extra moisturising effect, and to help smoothe scar tissue and other skin imperfections. During pregnancy massage I will place some oil into the clients hands, for her to rub over her belly. Reason number two: skin hydration and smoothing!

Being for the environment also means that we love when we get to choose local products over imported ones, especially when they are using sugarcane “plastic” packaging and recycled glass bottles from a solar powered warehouse! These are the reasons we love Tropicology from our friends up at Tropical Fruit World, and are so happy to now be stocking their exclusive avocado oil skincare range. Reason numbers three and four: reduce plastic waste and choose renewables!

So there you have it, massage skincare is a thing – firstly for our clients but also for us!

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