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Featured in the latest Tweed Coast Living Magazine is Donna’s take on the best surf mobility exercises that anyone can do! Here’s her original article.

Mobility exercises are having a serious moment in elite sports.  Eagle eyed viewers will have spotted athletes like Tyler Wright and Julian Wilson warming up with some bendy and interesting looking poses, with veterans like Mick Fanning spruiking the practice for decades. 

The best thing about mobility exercises is that almost anyone can do them, you just need to move towards your “end range”.  This means you don’t push yourself past the point of comfort, but just enough so that you feel a good stretch.

Here’s my favourite surf specific mobility exercises, which have been featured in our online surf coaching course by The Surf Pentagon.  You can find out more about the online course by going to or check them out on instagram.

  1. Lunge with thoracic rotation

Start in a lunge position with your knee close to the floor but not touching.  With the same arm as your front leg, extend your hand out in front of you and swing your arm as far around your body as you can, while maintaining your lunge position.  Follow your hand with your eyes and take a few inhales and exhales at your end range.

2. Straight leg supine pull over

Lay on your back and bring both legs to a 90 degree angle towards the ceiling.  Keeping the connection between your back and the floor, lower your legs to about a 45 degree angle (or wherever you feel comfortable).  Next, raise your arms towards the ceiling and without flaring your ribs out, lower your arms to behind your head.  This also serves as a great warm up to pull ups by mobilising and activating the shoulder joint, particularly if you added a small weight in your hands.

3. Plyometric jumps with rotation

From a standing position, rotate slightly to one side, then throw your arms and jump to turn the opposite way, rotating your whole body.  Work with an intensity that suits your physical fitness level.  Plyometric exercises are great for building explosive strength, but don’t need to be done fast to still be effective.  For those looking for a progression, you can turn to land on a box.  Choose a low level to start and build from there!

4. 90/90 hips

Sit on the floor and position your hips at 2, 90 degree angles.  Rest into this position and notice where you feel restriction.  Move your back and upper body around to increase the stretch in different parts of the hip joints.  If you can, try to shift your legs to the opposite side, without putting your hands on the ground!

Have fun exploring the world of mobility!  

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