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3 Pregnancy Massage Benefits You Didn’t Know About

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Are you expecting and looking for a good pregnancy massage in Kingscliff? With the news that our Clinic Director Donna is expecting herself, we thought we’d get together the 3 top pregnancy massage benefits that you might not have known about!

Hello everyone, it’s Donna Masing at the helm and here to share my happy news with you! My partner and I are thrilled to be pregnant with our first child, however the experience of being pregnant hasn’t been smooth sailing. I’ve got a condition called hyperemesis gravidarum, which is commonly known as severe morning sickness. That name does lead one to think nausea and vomiting only happens in the morning, however the reality is it can last all day! So before I launch into my top 3 benefits of Pregnancy Massage I would like to give a big thank you to all my lovely patients who have had their appointments shuffled lately. Your understanding has been so deeply appreciated.

This leads me to the first pregnancy massage benefit you might not have known about – massage can help settle feelings of nausea! I was pretty excited myself when I discovered that remedial massage from a qualified professional may assist in reducing feelings of nausea during pregnancy, so I booked in with Olivia Mostogl as soon as I could. I found that the treatment immediately had an impact on my feelings of anxiety around being so unwell, and that in turn made me feel more settled. I was able to eat a whole meal for dinner that evening (quite an achievement considering the difficulties I’d had with eating in the weeks before) and slept really well that night. The following morning I awoke feeling more energetic than I had felt in about a month, and I noticed feeling generally better for about 3 days after the treatment.

To follow on from those feelings of anxiety, this is another way that our Kingscliff Massage Clinic can help with your pregnancy journey. It’s normal to have some feelings of worry during pregnancy, but when those feelings become unhelpful to your wellbeing it’s important to address them. There are many great resources out there, such as your GP, qualified psychologists and free hotlines like Beyond Blue (1300 22 4636). But another way you can help to ease feelings of anxiety is by getting a relaxing pregnancy massage with a licensed remedial massage therapist. Our therapists who offer pregnancy massage are Olivia Mostogl, Trillian Fitzpatrick, Amanda Jones and myself, Donna Masing. We pride ourselves on taking a holistic approach to your wellbeing, addressing both the physical and emotional sides of pregnancy.

The final pregnancy massage benefit you’ll be interested to hear about is assisting you in coping with the changes in your body. It’s no secret that a changing body doesn’t always come with gushing and glowing, for some women stretch marks are a concern, swollen joints bring pain, or the psychological effects of watching your body grow just aren’t as easy to cope with as we expected. It’s important to note these changes are normal, our skin is designed to stretch and although uncomfortable our joints can cope with some swelling – however, how we feel about these changes can impact our self-esteem and our happiness. Getting a massage can help, from the physical perspective by reducing swelling and encouraging collagen production in the skin, but it can also help us feel more in tune with our body and therefore start to accept these changes. At Global Performance Therapy we are dedicated to treating the whole person, and will take your whole health picture into account. We also have a fabulous referral network that we sometimes send our beautiful pregnant patients to, from chiropractors to psychologists, general practitioners to naturopaths – we will always prioritise your needs!

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