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What is Sports Massage?

By Caio de Campos, DRM

Sports Massage is a unique treatment that helps athletes before, during, and after training. It offers much more than a Swedish (relaxation) massage, involving stretching, muscle stimulation and joint mobilisation. It also encourages blood circulation, delivering oxygen and nutrients to soft tissues and organs – accelerating the recovery of micro-lesions in muscles, reducing recovery time and optimizing training. Additionally, it stimulates the lymphatic system which is crucial for recovery after heavy training sessions or events.

Sports massage also helps to increase joint flexibility and range of motion, allowing the athlete to move correctly. We can also reduce the likelihood of muscle fibers adhering, therefore creating painful knots and tight muscles. The session will involve a detailed assessment of the athlete’s training schedule and event plans, current training load, assessment of affected joints or tight areas, a deep tissue treatment, stretching or muscle energy techniques, sometimes dry needling or cupping and if needed, sports taping.

Our team at Global Performance Therapy Kingscliff are experts in assisting athletes in recovery and treatment for the most common sports injuries such as:
Tennis or golfers elbow
Hamstring strain
Plantar fasciitis
Lower back pain
Frozen shoulder
Rotator cuff injury
Hip flexor strain…and many more!

We also offer hyperbaric oxygen therapy at our Kingscliff clinic, which is a great adjunct treatment to a sports massage to really accelerate the healing process.

If you would like to book a sports massage with our sports specialists Caio de Campos, Amanda Suppes, Bluey Aitken or Donna Masing please book online or call 02 5613 6964